Verisun Bilisim has a diverse product portfolio which makes our lifes more easier and delivers smart solutions that touch thousand's life.

Trust Circle

•Gamification features enable students to use school activities more effectively and efficiently!
•The status of the students in the classroom are displayed instantly on the interactive displays.
•Hotels, Malls and Municipalities could use Trust Circle to create additional benefits for families.
•The Trust Circle uses Bluetooth 4.0 communication. Children use wristbands that communicate with the communication module. The wristbands are delivered to children by administration.

The families of children enters children’s information into Trust Circle Mobile App and define Wristband with the QR code. On the application, families could monitor their children realtime in the places.


Endirek is a specially designed street furniture.

•Human ergonomic and technology is considered for design.
•In this way, it can be easily applied on new technological products.
•Transport, installation and storage is easy due to its modular structure.
•It is the first product in the field which is used green energy in technology.
•It is patented and produced with domestic resources.

Please download the product PDF document to see more details about our product.

Mito Energy Station

Mito Energy Station is a device designed to meet today's energy and internet reguirments.

It provides charge oponunity for 8 devices at the same time. In addition to provide charging facilities it has free internet connection and passenger information system. Also it has voice information infrastructures for partially-sighted.

Mito Energy Station gets its power from solar energy and provides uninterrupted green energy service.

In natural disasters, it can be an emergency point.

It has 7" outdoor screen which is used for smart stop display.

Passengers can get instant information about news, weather forecast, traffic and timetable for buses, trams etc...

The entire system can be monitored from a single center.

Please download the product PDF document to see more details about our product.

Please download the product PDF document to see more details about our product.

Smart Stop

Verisun smart stop platform transforms all public transportation stops in the city to smart stops.

Verisun’s innovative modern Smart Station Platform transform the transportation systems into a smart and digital system by using an artificial intelligence. This product is fully developped by domestic resources in Turkey.

It calculates the time, the speed of all vehicles, their lines, how much time it will takes to arrive to the station by monitoring real time data from a central location and serves these informations to the passengers through the passenger information displays. In this way, passengers are directed to ensure the correct bus stop and right time by Verisun Smart Stop Platform.

Please download the product PDF document to see more details about our product.

How To Go

How to Go is developped to serve as a smart city navigator where people can search, find and trace their routes to travel from one point to another by using public transportation and also all possible connected lines inside the city. It has also capabilities to add taxi and shuttle offers for the selected route. There are different filter options which help users to filter their best choice such as fastest route, most economic route, minimum walk or metro line selected. You can either use search field to choose your from and target destinations or you can directly pin these points on the map. How to Go application capable to list almost all possible answers that are available for passengers.

You can also define and save your popular locations by adding them to your favorite list.

The tool is designed to use for blind persons with accessibility feature enabled as well.

The application has iOS and Android version currently available in the market.