Verisun is number1in SmartCity Solutions

Our products and services are at the top of the list both in terms of active users
and operation per second.

“Our product and services currently consumed by 34670 person
And it has recently been consumed 11603790 times in total.”

Smart City

Cities are embodied by I.T systems which are all contributing to produce mass data in every second. It becomes a must to use the data produced by these I.T systems in order to rise the efficiency of some city aspects e.g transportation, health care, infrastructure and management systems. Please have a look at our smart city products and see how it helps you to make your life more easier.

Business Intelligence

By definition, business intelligence is the practice of producing comprehensible information from mass data of the company. Different types of data from different sources can be easily handled by the help of Verisun BI solution which is available in tablet version.

Smart Life

We are living in a world where every device is getting smarter. Information is just a click away. So, smart life means no-distance to any entity (information, person, concept or notion) via internet enabled devices in the new era of fast internet.


We provide end to end hardware and software centric solutions in Smart City, Business Intelligence, and Smart Life domains.

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